connects, connecting, connected
1) V-RECIP-ERG If something or someone connects one thing to another, or if one thing connects to another, the two things are joined together.

[V n to n] You can connect the machine to your hi-fi...

[V pl-n] The traditional method is to enter the exchanges at night and connect the wires...

[V to n] Two cables connect to each corner of the plate.

[V-ed] ...a television camera connected to the radio telescope. [Also pl-n V]

2) VERB If a piece of equipment or a place is connected to a source of power or water, it is joined to that source so that it has power or water.

[be V-ed to n] These appliances should not be connected to power supplies...

[V-ed] Ischia was now connected to the mainland water supply. [Also V n to n]

Connect up means the same as connect.

be V-ed P to n The shower is easy to install - it needs only to be connected up to the hot and cold water supply... Also V P n (not pron) to n V n P to n They turned the barricade into a potential death trap by connecting it up to the mains.

3) VERB If a telephone operator connects you, he or she enables you to speak to another person by telephone.

[V n] To call the police, an ambulance or the fire brigade dial 999 and the operator will connect you...

[be V-ed to n] He asked to be connected to the central switchboard. [Also V n to n]

4) V-RECIP-ERG If two things or places connect or if something connects them, they are joined and people or things can pass between them.

[V pl-n] ...the long hallway that connects the rooms...

[V n with n] The fallopian tubes connect the ovaries with the uterus...

[V with n] His workshop connected with a small building in the garden...

[V-ing] The two rooms have connecting doors. [Also pl-n V]

5) V-RECIP If one train or plane, for example, connects with another, it arrives at a time which allows passengers to change to the other one in order to continue their journey.

[V with/to n] ...a train connecting with a ferry to Ireland...

[V-ing] My connecting plane didn't depart for another six hours. [Also pl-n V]

6) V-ERG If you connect to a particular plane or train, or if another plane or train connects you to it, you change to that plane or train from another one in order to continue your journey.

[V to n] travellers wanting to connect to a long-haul flight...

[V n] That will connect you with time to spare for the seven o'clock Concorde. [Also V n to n]

7) VERB If you connect a person or thing with something, you realize that there is a link or relationship between them.

[V n with/to n] I hoped he would not connect me with that now-embarrassing review I'd written seven years earlier...

[V pl-n] I wouldn't have connected the two things.

8) VERB Something that connects a person or thing with something else shows or provides a link or relationship between them.

[V n with/to n] A search of Brady's house revealed nothing that could connect him with the robberies...

[V pl-n] What connects them?

9) V-RECIP If you connect with someone, you feel a sense of agreement and familiarity with them because you have the same kind of ideas.

[V with n] If you stand on stage and share your view of the world, people will connect with you. [Also pl-n V]

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